Caisson Construction

Michels Foundations installs drilled shaft deep foundations for buildings, bridges, cellular towers, retaining walls, bluff stabilization and other projects. If ground conditions allow, caissons can be a cost-effective method that minimizes soil vibration.

Michels Foundations offers site evaluations, drilling, belling, rebar replacement, drilled piers, drilled piles, cast-in-drilled-hole piles (CIDH piles), cast-in-situ piles and other drilled shaft services.

Michels Foundations' drilled shaft services and equipment include:

  • Diameters to 20 feet
  • Depths to 175 feet
  • Rock drilling (10-foot diameter, 140-foot depth)
  • Bell excavation to 16 feet
  • Slurry drilling
  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Down-the-hole hammer drilling
  • Extensive tooling and casing inventory
  • Crane-mounted caisson drilling
  • European-style drills
  • Low-overhead drills

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