Michels Foundations is a knowledgeable, reliable leader in the design and construction of foundations, civil work and earth retention. Whether your project requires extreme rock drilling, large-diameter caissons, depths beyond 175 feet or low-clearance drilling, Michels will execute the best, most cost-effective solution. Our experienced staff and large and varied fleet of cutting-edge equipment is an ideal combination for completing your project safely and efficiently. Our accuracy, quality and knowledge of geotechnical conditions and specialized construction services are second to unrivaled.

Let Michels Foundations meet all of your project needs with a full range of foundation-related services.

Michels Foundations services include:

  • Caissons
  • Pilings (sheet, micropiles, pipe piles and H piles)
  • Soldier piles
  • Substation construction (civil and foundation)
  • Transmission line foundations (drilled and embedded)
  • Sheet piles
  • Earth retention systems
  • Marine drilling
  • Soil nails and tiebacks
  • Shaft construction (small and large diameters)
  • Tunneling applications
  • Dock walls
  • Wind turbine foundation drilling (spread and P&H)
  • Specialty foundations

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