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1 day of work adds 50 years to sewer pipe

Michels Pipe Services successfully rehabilitated a sewer line in Milwaukee County without causing as much as a ripple in the river that passed above it. 

Michels installed a 404-foot cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner into a 12-inch sanitary sewer line under the Menomonee River in Wauwatosa. The project took months of preparation and planning and less than a day of execution; it will extend the life of the cast iron pipe by about 50 years. The pipe was combination of clay and cast iron pipe.  <p>CIPP rehabilitation is a trenchless technology, ideally suited for projects in environmentally sensitive areas and residential neighborhoods, both of which were part of this project. Michels took additional steps to avoid having any negative impact on the environment or neighborhood. Those steps included installing a pre-liner to avoid any infiltration, using water pressure to propel the liner through the length of pipe, and using hot water to cure the CIPP liner.

The Michels project management team uses its significant experience to select the right combination of methods to achieve a project's goal. The Michels crew conducted work from two manholes, one on a residential street next to the parkway on the west side of the river and another in the parkway on the east side. All heavy equipment was kept on the roadways to minimize the project's footprint. 

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