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10 more reasons to consider a career at Michels

Orange barrels. Yellow vests. Construction sites are probably all around you whether you live in a city or a rural area. The demands for infrastructure to support our energy, transportation and communications networks evolve and increase constantly.

Have you considered a career in infrastructure construction? The No. 1 reason why you should is probably because Mike Rowe says so. Watch the video. If that is not compelling enough, here are 10 more reasons why you should apply at Michels.

1. Essential. You flip light switches, turn up your thermostats and drive to the grocery store, but do you ever think about what it takes to make these things happen? All of these modern conveniences and many more are the direct result of the ideas, talents and skills of construction professionals. Take it from Heidi Meyer-Bremer, one of our HSE directors: “We change what the world looks like every single day – with every power line that goes up, with every pipeline that goes into the ground.”

2. In demand. The never-ending stream of construction projects depend on reliable crews and support personnel. Because North America’s infrastructure is aging at the same time development is occurring, the need for work – and people to perform the work – is endless.

3. Meaningful. Whether working in an office, behind the scenes or on a jobsite, you will be improving the lives of the people and the communities in which you live and work. Michels accomplishes this in several ways, including providing reliable services, being helpful corporate citizens, and by treating everybody with respect.

4. Money. Building a talented, reliable team is a construction feat in and of itself. We pay competitive wages and offer great benefits to recruit and retain the best people! Need proof? Here’s what our laborer, Yara Larios, says: “Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. Your pockets will be full – not of dirt, but money.”

5. Opportunities. If you think you need to operate a backhoe or use a shovel to work in construction, think again! Our success depends on operations and support teams working together. The result? Our 8,000 employees include safety, environmental, human resources, IT, risk management, finance, marketing and many other support professionals.

6. Promotions. If you aspire for career advancement, opportunities are abundant for those who work hard, believe in being the best, and embrace Michels core values. Need inspiration? Some of our top executives started from the bottom and advanced up the career ladder.

7. Teamwork. On project sites and in offices, our culture is built on bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and ideas, and letting them work toward common goals.

8. Technology. Mechanics use computers to diagnose and repair equipment problems. Remotely controlled microtunneling machines build miles-long passageways under ground and water. Software is used to control costs. Drones pull wire into place along electrical transmission lines. Technology is a necessary tool in the construction industry’s toolbox. We believe in working smarter and safer; technology is one way we accomplish our goals.

9. Training. Michels invests about $5,000 per employee per year into training to make sure our people have the skills necessary to meet today’s demands and prepare for their future. Investing in our people is an essential part of our ability to continue to deliver excellence in ever-evolving industries.

10. Travel. Want to see North America? From our OTR truck drivers and construction crews who are frequently on the road to our HSE and project management personnel who travel to project sites and customer meetings, a career in construction can be an opportunity to experience life on the road at the same time you are building them.

Interested in learning more? View our available positions at or fill out a general application.

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