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2 directional drilling projects start at one site

The Michels Directional Crossings team is completing an unusual feat in the Philadelphia area by working on two Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects from one site.

Both projects are using the pilot hole intersect method, meaning drill rigs operate from both sides of the drill path to meet somewhere in the middle when drilling the pilot hole. One project is a 6,600-foot-long installation of a 16-inch steel pipeline; the second is a 6,900-foot-long of 16-inch and 20-inch steel pipeline bundle.

Both HDDs are passing under roadways, allowing for the trenchless construction of vital utilities in the metropolitan area.

The two HDD projects are part of a large-scale urban pipeline construction project. The work includes unique challenges, including having drill sites in tight areas such as backyards, alongside roads, and even in a church parking lot. With residents and businesses nearby, noise considerations are also being taken into account and additional sound barriers have been set up in areas where the crews are working.

As an HDD industry leader, Michels uses proven techniques, tooling and equipment to complete some of the most challenging crossings. On this project, some of the small sites have extended the limits of the HDD industry.

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