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All girders in place on New York bridge

The high-profile Mill Basin Bridge project reached a milestone in construction when the last girder was set in place in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Michels Corporation started construction on the new 2,700-foot, six-lane bridge in 2015 and is scheduled for completion ahead of schedule by the end of 2018. The new, non-moving bridge is replacing a 76-year-old drawbridge that is the second most-used bridge among nearly 800 owned by the New York City Department of Transportation.

“Reaching a significant stage of construction on a bridge that will improve the transportation infrastructure in a major metropolitan area is tremendously satisfying,” said Tim Michels, Michels Co-Owner. “The Michels team takes great pride in being trusted to improve transportation systems for the people who depend on safe and reliable infrastructure.”

Michels’ work includes installing sheet piles on land and in water, constructing two abutments, 16 piers and four cofferdams; installing cast-in-place decks; and demolishing and removing the existing drawbridge.

During peak construction times, more than 250 people are working on the project.

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