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Smooth transition for new managers

Michels 'ambassadors' help smooth transition for new managers

Starting a new job can be intimidating: new people, new rules, a new job site and even a seemingly complicated hybrid of a printer-scanner-copier-fax machine.

Now you want me to digest the corporate culture – and lead my new team, too?

Michels continues to expand our Michels Ambassador Program to help ease the transition for our new people. The Ambassador Program, part of our comprehensive onboarding process, partners a new manager with a trained ambassador who will be the go-to person for answers about a specific division and the entire company.

Sixteen more ambassadors recently graduated from the program, including 14 from the rapidly growing Michels Power division. All of Michels’ divisions participate in the Ambassador Program.

Michels Power Senior Vice President Mark Harasha said it is invaluable for his team. Michels Power has offices and projects throughout the United States, all of which radiate from and are supported by staffs in Wisconsin – which is probably many states away from where the new manager will be working.

“We want all of our people to become part of the team,” he said, “and providing them with an Ambassador to serve as their road map to Michels is one of many ways we make that happen.”

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