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Answering a call for action

A Michels safety manager ended a phone call when he was called into action to avert a potential disaster in Linton, N.D., a town near a Michels Pipeline Construction project.

While on a call in the parking lot at an eye care facility, HSE Manager Roger F. witnessed a woman step out of the building and say it was on fire. Roger immediately took the extinguisher from his truck and asked the woman to direct him to the fire. Once inside, he found a machine used to shape glasses frames was fully engulfed in flames.

Roger extinguished the fire as the county sheriff came into the room. Together, they opened doors to ventilate the building. As the local fire department arrived, Roger informed them of dense vapors and suggested that they used respirators.

"It was a case of me being at the right place at the right time," Roger said. "I had the training so I knew what do and I just did it."

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