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Estimating Group Summit: An exercise in teamwork

To develop a deep understanding of the work being performed, our crews generally specialize in a particular area, like pipeline, power or foundations. However, we realize the benefits of working together on complex projects or sharing best practices with our companywide colleagues.

In our early years, our founder Dale Michels was known to say he was confident we could succeed in new markets and by performing new services because it was all construction – and we know how to do that.

In today’s modern, technological world, there are many nuances that separate one scope of work from another, but there are overlapping elements as well. Our internal Estimating Group proves that to be abundantly true by finding new ways to share the insights, experiences and specific skills of our 100-plus team of estimators. The result? A cohesive team that shares best practices to result in consistent, accurate estimating on projects throughout North America.

Recently, our estimators came together for an annual Estimating Summit, two days of information sharing, team building and training through Michels University. Although the disciplines and specialties varied, the goal was unflinching: To get our projects off to the best possible start through the continued development our Estimating Group’s collective skills as well of those of each individual member.

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