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Michels completes 1st phase of Canada project

Michels Canada crews and equipment are well suited for work in northern Canada – a point proven by our safe, effective execution of the first phase of a two-year pipeline project near Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Between January and March, Michels completed two horizontal directional drills (HDDs) on the Northern Courier Pipeline. The construction window was limited by the stability of an ice road, which provided access to the sites. In January, temperatures dropped to -45 degrees C (-49F). Michels has developed a specialized winterization program for our rigs to ensure their safe, efficient operation in extreme conditions.
When finished, Michels will have completed seven drills that span a combined 7,620 meters (25,000 feet) under rivers, lakes, tributaries and major highways. When the current construction window closed in March, Michels was on schedule with 40 percent of the work finished.
During peak operations, Michels has four drill rigs and 100 people working around the clock on the project.
Northern Courier is a 42-inch diameter pipeline that will link a mine in northern Alberta with a tank farm near Fort McMurray.

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