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Internship puts career on solid footing

Accepting my internship with Michels Corporation was an exciting but nerve-racking experience: This was the first big leap on my career path.

It didn’t take long to realize that Michels isn’t like any other large corporation. It’s common to see the President of the company eating lunch in the diner. It’s truly amazing to see how many other interns Michels brings on and I don’t think I have ever walked passed someone who didn’t greet me with a friendly hello.

I was given the opportunity to intern with the recruiting group within the Human Resources. The Human Resource Department is very hard-working team, but they still find time to have fun and do some team building. During our lunch break my Supervisor organized a bag toss tournament. I got the privilege of being partners with the VP of HR, and even though we didn’t win we put up a good fight. 

My experience here makes me even more excited about my future and gave me good insight into the corporate world. As I head back to school I have learned that Michels Corporation has so many great opportunities and is an excellent place to work, learn, and grow!

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