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Long-standing energy partnership shares common goal

As winter approaches in the upper Midwest, we are reminded of exactly why we love blankets. Basically, they are a convenient, efficient means of comfort from dropping temperatures. Likewise, a Gas Distribution blanket contract can be an effective partnership between Michels and a utility customer, ensuring the prompt availability of skilled, locally knowledgeable and authorized crews to perform necessary work.

Michels has served a natural gas provider by performing myriad maintenance, upgrade and new construction services under a blanket contract in the upper Midwest since 2003.

Under the contract, Michels installs about 1.25 million feet of new distribution lines each year. In addition, the crews install approximately 7,000 new services, and install or upgrade 13,000 reconstruction services per year. In short, we help this utility meet its customers’ ever-growing needs for services in a rapidly expanding metropolitan area with a widely varied climate.

In 2020, work included new construction, conversions and reconstructions. Examples include:

Reconstruction (steel)

From August to mid-November, Michels installed approximately 11,000 feet of 24-inch steel with numerous underground vault and regulator settings. The special projects have been ongoing since 2007 and are schedule to be completed in 2022.


Michels installed more than 75,000 feet of 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch plastic pipe to accommodate more than 130 services in a metropolitan suburb. Michels was able to put five crews on the project and complete it in less than two months, allowing residents to convert from propane gas to natural gas.

Reconstruction (steel and plastic)

Several Michels crews worked in conjunction with a major light rail expansion project in the metro area. Completing more than a dozen projects, they installed new gas lines and removed old ones in the corridor of a new light rail line. The work required excessive depths and complicated pipe fitting.

Because we share our customer’s goal of providing safe, reliable and clean energy, we see these agreements as a great way to work together to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Learn more about our Gas Distribution services.

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