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Michels certifies red granite quarries to NSC 373 Sustainability Standards

Michels Corporation has advanced its commitment to sustainable business practices by achieving certification of two red granite quarries to the ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone Standard. The Wisconsin Red Granite Quarry and Wausau Red Granite Quarry are both located in Wausau, Wis.

Michels first received NSC 373 certification in 2017 for two of its limestone quarries, becoming the first company in Wisconsin and fifth in the world to successfully complete the Natural Stone Council’s process. Michels is exploring certification at additional sites that align with the standard.

NSC 373 certification is a voluntary accreditation based upon a quarrier’s and/or fabricator’s performance and metrics for improvement in the following categories: water, transportation and chain of custody, site management, land reclamation, corporate governance, energy, management of excess process material and solid waste, safer chemical and materials management, human health and safety, and innovation. Michels also completed requirements for the Chain of Custody portion of the NSC 373 standard, which allows the material to be tracked from point of harvest, through fabrication and travel and to the project site.

“Sustainability is important to Michels, our customers and the design community,” said M.O. Bohrer, Michels Vice President of Corporate Business Development and former chairman of the Natural Stone Council. “We are tremendously proud to be the first company to have both red granite and limestone quarries that meet these rigorous standards.”

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