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Michels completes a world record HDD

The 101-year-old Houston Ship Channel is one of the busiest seaports in in the United States, providing passage to more than 400 vessels each day.

On the water’s surface, most were completely unaware of a noteworthy crossing that was completed on Friday, Feb. 13, when Michels Corporation used horizontal directional drilling to install a pipeline under the Houston Ship Channel, completing a 12,459-foot span from La Porte to Baytown, Texas.

The 2.3-mile project is a world record length for an 18-inch diameter pipe, one of several records that Michels Directional Crossings is proud to have set.

Successful completion of the Houston Ship Channel project took about two years of planning, one month of on-site preparations, and less than three days to pull the pipe into place.

Due to the length and complexity of the project, pilot hole intersect was chosen as the method for drilling. Michels used two drill rigs and a crew of about 15 people to complete the project.

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