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Michels expands marine operations

Acquires PCi Dredging, Great Lakes Diving & Salvage

Michels Construction, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Michels Corporation, has acquired two companies, PCi Dredging and Great Lakes Diving and Salvage, adding to its already robust marine construction services.

Michels Construction, Inc. is a leader in the design and construction of structurally sound, value-engineered foundations and industrial building solutions. Among several specialty service lines, Michels Construction is a premier, go-to contractor for a wide variety of marine work on lakes, rivers, and inlets. The company has earned a reputation for having the experience, capabilities, capacity, and equipment required to tackle projects of all sizes, including many large-scale projects simultaneously.

PCi Dredging uses dredging and related services to enhance, expand and restore waterways and shorelands. In addition to improving navigability, PCi Dredging preforms work to improve environmental conditions, including floodwater holding and remediation of contaminated soil. PCi Dredging was established in 1978 by Kent Petersen as the Petersen Companies, Inc. Like Michels, PCi Dredging was family owned and operated.

Great Lakes Diving & Salvage uses trained and certified divers to provide inland and offshore underwater construction and diving services. Great Lakes Diving & Salvage serves customers in the civil construction and engineering markets, including federal, state, municipal, and private sector needs. In addition to underwater construction, Great Lakes Diving & Salvage’s experience includes design, fabrication and installation of underwater solutions.

“Growing to meet the evolving needs of our customers and markets is part of the Michels mindset,” said Phillip Michels, Senior Group Vice President, Michels Corporation. “Sometimes that happens organically; other times it is through acquisitions. In all cases, our decisions are based on finding new ways to provide our customers with the services they need and the commitments to safety, quality and innovation they expect from us.

“The more we worked with PCi Dredging and Great Lakes Driving & Salvage, the more we realized these two companies augmented our services and were in alignment with our values and vision,” he said.

The acquisition will allow PCi Dredging and Great Lakes Diving & Salvage staffs to continue to perform their essential and highly specialized services, while being supported by leadership, equipment and resource of Michels Construction, Inc. and the Michels Family of Companies.

“My family and I are proud of what we have accomplished with PCi Dredging,” said Mark Petersen, Vice President, PCi Dredging. “We are excited to move ahead to another family owned business with strong traditions and a great future.”

“Michels and Great Lakes Diving both have strong reputations in the marine construction industry,” said Tommy Gouin, Vice President, Great Lakes Diving & Salvage. “More importantly, we share a commitment to quality and culture that makes us a natural fit.”

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