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Quick thinking in a heated moment

A Michels crew was rehabilitating a sewer pipe in Nevada when a severely overheating SUV pulled into the work area. The crew called 911 and grabbed fire extinguishers, battling flames that erupted three times while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

Knowing more fires were imminent, the crew asked the driver of its 4,000-gallon water truck that was out for a refill to navigate around stopped traffic and get to the site ASAP.

“Just as the water truck showed up, a tire exploded and caught the hillside on fire,” the construction manager said. “We hustled to get the water truck hooked up to our cleaner and pulled out 200 feet of hose, hit the button and started putting the hillside fire out.”

The quick-thinking crew decided to not spray water onto the vehicle as it could have spread burning plastic and rubber. As they worked, another tire and a couple aerosol cans exploded.

“This was a bit nerve racking, but we continued to spray water,” the construction manager said.

A four-person firefighting crew arrived and extinguished the vehicle before thanking the crew and posing for a photo.

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