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Quick thinking in the heat of the moment

Michels Corporation employees’ commitment to doing what’s right extends beyond the jobsite and into the community in which they work.

While working on a Saturday in Montana in late July, a Michels crew noticed smoke to the east of their jobsite. Knowing the unharvested wheat field posed a fire hazard with heat in the high 90s, the crew decided to investigate.

Michels employees Sean D., Manny F. and Jason G. and an inspector discovered an out-of-control field fire and a man on the ground suffering from heat exhaustion. The crew helped the man into an air-conditioned truck and gave him water to drink in slow, small sips before using their mobile water trailer and pump to contain the flames. The crew battled the blaze for about an hour, when the local firefighters arrived to finish extinguishing it.

Just four days later, Michels crew members Josh D. and Emma A. were heading home from work on the same job site when they came across a semi truck on fire. They stopped, noticed the truck’s brakes were on fire and used the extinguisher from their Michels truck to put out the flames.

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