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Matt Smith receives Ralston Award for trenchless accomplishments

Congratulations to Michels Direct Pipe Manager Matt Smith, 2018 recipient of the Trent Ralston Young Trenchless Achievement Award!

The award recognizes a young individual who has demonstrated excellence in the early stages of a career and has made valuable contributions to the trenchless technology industry.

Matt, 29, is one of the most experienced Direct Pipe practitioners in North America.

To date, he has guided 17 Direct Pipe projects, including several that reached record lengths. He has shepherded crossings under international borders, interstate highways, rivers and a 4,039-foot installation of a 48-inch pipe under the Dow Barge Canal in Clute, Texas. Smith has also partnered with Michels’ Horizontal Directional Drilling teams to use the Direct Pipe equipment for thrust assistance on several record-length installations.

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