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Undoing Isaias' damage

Electrical power is easily taken for granted until it goes out. In that second, most realize how necessary it is to life. That’s why 325 of our people spent about two weeks rebuilding the power networks knocked out by Tropical Storm Isaias.

Our crews came from the East Coast and the Midwest to work in New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and Pennsylvania to restore some normalcy to local residents.

Storm response work is tough yet satisfying. We thank our crews for your hard work, long days and commitment to safety.

Emergency work is critical to neighborhoods impacted by storms. To show their appreciation, one of the first things some residents did when their power came back on was to send notes like this to our crews:

“We had been without electricity for 2 ½ days. That’s a long time without water, electricity, internet and refrigerated food so some of us were seriously distressed. Our entire way of life was totally disrupted. Some of us had downed trees and power lines blocking road access. You drove a thousand miles for us and we sincerely appreciate every one of you!”

Watch a short video here.

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