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CIPP project named WIAWWA Project of the Year

Ensuring a supply of safe drinking water is an important outcome of our pipe rehabilitation projects. Thank you to the Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association for recognizing the critical nature of these projects and for presenting us with the 2020 Project of the Year Award. 

One of our Midwestern-based water lining crews used cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners to rehabilitate 2,125 feet of failing, World War-II era, 10-inch cast water main at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, WI. 

The CIPP process consists of cleaning mains and installing epoxy resin-filled, fiberglass composite liners inside of them. When inflated and cured, the liner is transformed into a fully structural pipe within the existing pipe, which is designed for a 50-year service life. 

Congratulations to our crew for staying focused on the task at hand while working in single-digit temperatures and in very close coordination with airport management and ground personnel. It took an extremely high level of teamwork, planning and execution to complete the project without interruption to airplane traffic.

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