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Celebrating 2021 Women in Construction Week

Your ability to drive on roads, heat your house and stream Netflix depends on critical infrastructure, but did you ever think about the people who build the energy, transportation and communications infrastructure necessary for comfortable, modern life?

The Michels team is made up of people who share integrity, grit and determination, not a particular pair of chromosomes. Today starts Women in Construction Week, a chance for us and the construction industry to publicly thank the women who turn our customers’ plans into reality.

Gone are the days when “men at work” could accurately describe our construction crews. Today, we are proud to have women filling meaningful roles in the field, project management and office operations. We are also optimistic about the opportunities available for more women eager to make a difference.

We take our hard hats off to the women who build America’s backbone every day; this week we do it publicly. We look forward to sharing insights and inspiration from a few of the many women who play key roles at Michels on our social media platforms this week.

Can’t wait? Here are some insights from a regional manager with Michels Power, Inc., who got her start as an electrician’s helper at age 13, earned an electrical engineering degree and completed the Unlimited Contractors electrical license before starting her first job as an electrical designer for a company building power generation plants using jet engines.

What advice do you have for a young woman considering a career in construction?

“Have confidence in yourself. Build on what you know and ask questions. More importantly, listen to the answers. In construction, 90 percent of the job is using your mind.”

What should women know about careers in construction?

“What anyone should know is there are no limitations to what they can do. Every construction job has a beginning and an end. Beginnings allow for a fresh start and a chance to implement lessons learned. An end of a project gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride, especially if the project was difficult. There are no failures in construction – only learning opportunities.”

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