Several bucket trucks operate on a power line that runs through a forest enviornment

1751-1756 Line Rail Project

Michels Power, Inc. rebuilt a 3.5-mile 115 kV transmission line along a narrow railroad corridor in Hartford, CT. Several crews worked together to replace 139 wood structures with steel monopoles, including a distribution line under-build on 69 of the poles. The project eliminated old wooden pole structures in a dense urban area with more reliable streel structures to harden the area’s power grid.

Almost all work was done from rail, requiring hi-rail bucket trucks, excavators, backhoes, dump trucks, vacuum trucks, cranes and flat cars. The steel structures were set up at accessible sites adjacent to the rail tracks, loaded one or two at a time onto flat cars, and transported along the tracks to the designated site, where it was offloaded and carefully lifted into place amid an overhead spiderweb of de-energized lines.

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