An open trench displaying a microtunneling rig near a crane

Hennepin Canal Microtunneling

Michels Trenchless, Inc. used microtunneling to install 528 feet of 36-inch reinforced concrete pipe under the historic Hennepin Canal.
The trenchless crossing was one of six projects completed to make a section of natural gas pipeline suitable for smart tools, including pipeline inspection gauges (pigs).

Michels Pipeline, Inc. completed the five other projects, which included installation of one launcher facility, installation of two mainline valves, removal and replacement of one T-value, and installation of one receiver facility.

Michels Construction, Inc. assisted Michels Trenchless, Inc., by designing and constructing the launch and receiver shafts for the microtunneling operations.

The 75-mile Hennepin Canal runs through five counties. It was the first canal in America made of concrete.

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