A portion of the Racoon Trail substation

Raccoon Trail Substation

Michels Power, Inc. engineered, procured, and constructed a new 345kV substation. In summer 2018, Michels Power began foundation installation, constructing 768 piers, and installed a 4,160-feet high-security fence. Michels Power installed all below-grade conduits, grounding, and cable trench.

The project included 67,000 feet of conduit, 60,000 feet of ground grid, and 3,000 feet of cable trench. Michels Power crews also installed all above-grade equipment, including the steel structures, 71 345kV disconnect switches, and 28 345kV circuit breakers. About 395,000 feet of control and power cable and 19,500 feet of rigid bus were installed.

Michels Power worked with the customer to plan outages and timelines to move the two 345kV lines into the station.

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