A trackhoe operates in an urban environment

REG 0418 Linwood and Delta

Michels Utility Services, Inc. completed three phases on the project. First, the team installed 80-feet of 8-inch polyethylene (PE) pipe, 150 feet of 12-inch steel pipe, and three concrete vaults containing a regulator station and blow-off stacks. Then, the team completed the tie-in phase of 335 feet of 12-inch high-density PE and an 8-inch above-ground regulation station with blow-off stack. The third project was the excavation stage for construction of a new 12-inch steel above-ground regulation station, including site clearing, driveway construction and fencing.

Michels overcame significant challenges, such as multiple material and weather delays. In addition to the jobsite being located on a high-profile, cramped, and busy intersection, the team achieved excellent coordination with the city to ensure a successful and safe jobsite. The efficiency and strategy permitted Michels to receive a clean onsite OSHA inspection, and complete the project in a timely manner.

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