September 24, 2022

2022 ENR Sourcebook puts Michels at top of pipelines, power rankings

Graphic showing Michels number 1 ranking in power and pipeline ENR sourcebook ranking.

Michels is proud to be ranked as the top contractor in Pipelines (Petroleum) and Transmission and Distribution (Power) in the 2022 ENR Top 400 Contractor Sourcebook, an annual ranking of top contractors in industry sectors.

Our other rankings in the Sourcebook demonstrate our commitment to being a strategically diversified contractor able to provide customers with a wide range of services. A consistent commitment to safety and quality is our top priority.

In 2022, Michels was ranked in the following Sourcebook categories:

  • Top Contactors in Oil and Gas (Maintenance), 2nd
  • Top Contractors in Transmission Lines (Manufacturing, Telecom), 4th
  • Top Contractors by Sector, Oil and Gas, 6th
  • Top Contractors in Water Transmission Lines (Environment), 6th
  • Top Contractors in Sanitary and Storm Sewers (Environment), 7th
  • Top Contractors in Power (Power), 8th
  • Top Contractors in Mixed Use (General Building), 9th
  • Top Contractors in Highways (Transportation), 19th
  • Top Contractors in Sewerage and Solid Waste (Environment), 24th
  • Top Contractors in Water Supply (Environment), 24th
  • Top Contractors in Transportation (Transportation), 48th

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