A large quarry surrounded by an autumn forest

Custom Aggregates

Michels Road & Stone operates 100 pits and quarries throughout Wisconsin to provide customers with convenient access to the precise products they need. As the largest custom-crushing operator in Wisconsin, we use our mobile equipment and inventory tracking system have the right products and quantities available for our customers’ needs.

Conveyor belt machines sort custom crushed aggregates at a quarry

Construction Aggregates

Aggregates are the literal building blocks of construction projects. We extract aggregates from pits and quarries and then use our precise equipment to crush them to specific sizes.

Our techniques include:

  • Dense base
  • clear stone
  • recycled concrete
  • recycled asphalt
  • manufactured sand
  • natural sand
  • screenings

Armor Stone

Corps of Engineers-approved resources for shoreline protection ranging from

bedding stone
6 inch
armor stone
20 ton
A backhoe unloads ballast stone into rail containers

Railroad Ballast

Quartzite and granite ballast mined at quarries in Waterloo, WI and Wausau, WI is independently tested and meets all AREMA requirements. We maintain an inventory of 150,000 tons of ballast and ship by truck and rail. Our twin track siding can handle more than 80 rail cars.

Aggregate rock being sorted and loaded at a batch plant facility

Asphalt Aggregates

Durable asphalt requires a precise mix of aggregates to meet local, state and federal specifications. Our equipment and operators produce the aggregates needed to meet a project’s requirements.

Our techniques include:

  • Crush rock
  • sand
  • gravel
  • chips
  • recycled concrete
  • recycled asphalt
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Landscape & Decorative

Crushed and custom-sized stone adds beauty, uniqueness and strength to projects.

Our techniques include:

  • Red Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Rhyolite (black granite)
An excavator dumps dirt into a dump truck at a landfill
Various aggregates being sorted at a batch plant through large machinery.
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