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An excavator sits upon a pile of dirt near a red Michels pickup truck.

Mass Excavation

Michels Road & Stone, Inc. harnesses the strength of enormous, technologically advanced equipment and highly accurate GPS guidance systems to literally move the earth for the development or expansion of landfills and other large industrial sites. We use UAVs (drones) to maintain tight control of material we’re moving, stockpiles we’re building, and retention ponds we’re shaping to deliver a project in sync with designs and future development plans.

We self-perform work with experienced crews and equipment fleet able to complete challenging, high-volume projects on tight schedules, delivering high-quality results.

A loader hauls excavated material to a disposal site

Large Industrial

Proper site excavation in advance of construction of a large, industrial building is like setting a table before serving a formal dinner. Details matter. Michels Road & Stone owns a fleet of reinforced equipment to excavate sites and facilitate solid ground and stable foundations. Our foremen and crews use experience, ingenuity, and technology to meet exact specifications and avoid interference with existing utility lines and infrastructure. 

An excavator loads a dump truck with aggregate.


Michels Road & Stone is known for the performance and accountability essential with landfill expansion and other public works projects. Our foremen and crews study plans and develop a plan to complete projects with tight schedules, challenging soil and environmental requirements. We use massive, reinforced equipment to excavate sites and haul material to stockpiles or disposal sites. 

An excavator dumps dirt into a dump truck at a landfill
Various aggregates being sorted at a batch plant through large machinery.
Aerial view of pipeline with Michels logo and slogan overlay
Our core values graphic.

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