Front loader unloading aggregate.


Michels Road & Stone, Inc. uses experienced crews and advanced technologies to maximize safety, efficiencies, durability, and quality in all concrete paving projects. Lasers and 3D models allow our stringless paver to optimize smoothness and ride. Portable batch plants allow our project planners to set up equipment in a location that minimizes haul time and increases efficiency.

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Various aggregates being sorted at a batch plant through large machinery.

Batch Plants

Michels Road & Stone uses sophisticated, fully mobile concrete batch plants to ensure we produce and use properly mixed concrete. Each concrete batch plant is a mix of brawn and brain, using mighty loaders, belts, and augers to precisely combine and test concrete before, during and after we place and finish it. 

Aggregates being prepared to be used on a jobsite.


Michels Road & Stone operated two batch plants to produce 575,300 square yards of 12-inch concrete pavement for a 9-mile interstate project.

Aerial photo of crew working on repaving a very busy highway system.


Michels Road & Stone combines the power of the largest equipment with attention to the smallest details when paving highways. Our entirely stringless fleet increases smoothness and timeliness in paving projects of all sizes. Our project leaders work with project owners to build speed and safety into schedules focused on minimizing inconvenience to motorists. 

A paving crew operating on part of an airport.

Ramps & Runways

Michels Road & Stone paves airport runways, taxiways, aprons, and ramps to comply with rigorous local, state and FAA requirements for smoothness and durability. Our crews work swiftly, yet carefully to ensure concrete and airport-specific subbases are long lasting, require minimal maintenance, and can withstand the pressures and weights of aircraft. 

Aerial photo of runways at a regional airport that Michels paved.


About 27,000 square yards of econocrete were poured to create a 5-inch layer, followed by a 15-inch layer of concrete pavement.

A Michels Road & Stone crew operate a paving machine on Interstate 39
An aerial view of a large mass excavation site at a landfill
Aerial view of pipeline with Michels logo and slogan overlay
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