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A Michels Road & Stone crew operate a paving machine on Interstate 39


A Michels Road & Stone crew operate a paving machine on Highway 23


A Michels paving crew builds a road in Wisconsin


Road Building

Michels Road & Stone, Inc. meets the rising demands for safe, durable road and highway construction. Contrary to what the public may think, concrete or asphalt surface is not the only determining factor in a roadway’s smooth, low-maintenance life. Michels sources and uses DOT-approved aggregates to build stable roadbeds and bonds with material in our concrete batching plants, so the end result can withstand heavy traffic loads and weather conditions.

We invite you to discover Michels Road & Stone’s road-building solutions.

Dump truck fills equipment in order to create gravel shoulder on a road.


Michels Road & Stone offers the same care to road shoulders as all other aspects of road construction. We use specialized equipment and experienced crews to compact and level subgrade, before we place DOT-approved aggregate at a specified gradation. The result is a stable surface able to support vehicle traffic and emergency needs. 

Aerial photo of gravel quarry.


Michels Road & Stone sources and custom crushes DOT-approved limestone, granite, quartzite, and black granite (rhyolite) and provides onsite recycle crushing of concrete and asphalt. Our 100 pits and quarries throughout Wisconsin provide convenient access and transportation of products. Our fully mobile fleet of crushing equipment can be efficiently, cost effectively moved and set up wherever needed.

Various aggregates being sorted at a batch plant through large machinery.
An excavator sits upon a pile of dirt near a red Michels pickup truck.
Aerial view of pipeline with Michels logo and slogan overlay
Our core values graphic.

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