Michels Utility Services crew fastens natural gas pipelines under bridge in Minneapolis Minnesota

10th Avenue Bridge Gas Line Reconstruction

Michels Utility Services, Inc. installed 2,800 feet of 20-inch natural gas pipeline in two separate runs under the 10th Avenue Bridge during bridge reconstruction to serve the University of Minnesota campus. The pipelines were spaced 28 inches apart and mounted to custom-made hangers on the underside of the bridge.

The two pipelines replaced existing pipeline to serve the University of Minnesota campus. Replacing with new, larger pipe will increase the system’s dependability and capacity into the future. The old pipelines were installed in 1932 and 1940. Like the old pipe, one new pipe runs at 95 pounds and the other at 10 pounds.

The crews worked on an 8-foot-wide catwalk under the bridge to weld and wrap two steel pipelines. Extensive training and safety equipment was needed to ensure safety on the catwalk, with a capacity limit of seven people at a time.

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