Crew member in small ditch adjusts small diameter pipeline.

Gas Distribution

Michels Utility Services, Inc. offers turnkey contract models and project-specific solutions to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of a clean energy product ranging from high-pressure sources to customer meters. 

Several crew members work near a road on a small diameter gas pipeline project.

Replacement & Relocation

Strategic replacement and relocation of gas main systems and services allow our customers to achieve long-term goals of safe, reliable natural gas delivery. Michels Utility Services leverages our 60-plus years of experience in the natural gas industry, upgrading aging infrastructure and relocating and rebuilding systems to accommodate property development and roadway expansions. Our crews replace cast iron, wrought iron and bare steel infrastructure with safer, longer-lasting highdensity plastic pipe. We also replace, abandon and upgrade above-ground and underground regulator stations to ensure accurate reduction of pressure between transmission lines and distribution systems. We install load-bearing vaults to protect underground infrastructure from water and to provide easy points of access. 

A small diameter pipeline exposed in a small trench behind caution tape.

Integrity & Maintenance

Michels Utility Services offers turnkey blanket contract models and project-specific solutions to add years of life and keep gas delivery systems operating at the safest, most efficient levels. We partner with our customers to inspect existing utility lines, identify anomalies or potential weaknesses, and take quick, corrective action. Our operators use technology-guided excavators, hydrovacs and other cutting-edge tools to expose a specific spot on a line. We then use a variety of methods, such as replacement and sleeving, to address the issue. Finally, we perform testing and restore the site. 

New Construction

Michels meets local needs for new gas and utility services by constructing the right-sized main for current and future needs. Our safety-forward crews are skilled at working with plastic and steel lines.  

Depending on the location, social conditions and obstacles, including roadways, driveways, sidewalks and waterways, Michels combines our field experience with specialized equipment to install new mains with maximum efficiency. We have hundreds of small- and medium-capacity drill rigs, plowing attachments, and excavators ready for each project’s unique needs. 

Michels uses a plow rig to bury plastic gas distribution pipe along a roadway
Several crew members operate on a joint trench installation near a roadside.

Joint Trench Installations

Why dig multiple times when it can be done in a single step? Our trench installation services allow the simultaneous installation of utility, communication, television, and other lines and conduits, saving time and money. 

A cross gas compression installation in a small trench

Cross Compression

Cross compression technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by removing, collecting and depressurizing natural gas from a segment of natural gas pipeline being repaired, retired or replaced. The crosscompression system returns the collected natural gas to the pipeline at a new location rather than letting it be voluntarily released into the atmosphere. The technology allows Michels and our customers to reduce our environmental footprint and create a safer work zone for our crews and the location where we are working. 

Several small excavators and crew members operate in a busy downtown jobsite.

Facility Construction

Precise control of the volume, quality and pressure of natural gas allows it to safely flow through a distribution system. Michels Utility Services builds and maintains regulator stations to reduce and monitor pressure as well as meter stations to monitor the volume and composition, ensuring safety along the way. Our services include pre-fabrication in controlled environments, field fabrication when needed, and installation of underground vaults.  

Michels Utility Services crew inspects newly installed natural gas pipelines under bridge in Minneapolis Minnesota
Man in rural field stands next to utility excavator.
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