An excavator operates near two pipelines in a rural snowy environment.

Gas Transmission

Gas transmission pipelines range from several inches to several feet in diameter and from hundreds of feet to hundreds of miles in length. Michels Utility Services, Inc. partners with customers to build and maintain pipelines at the quality for which Michels is renowned 


Safe, effective gas pipeline construction projects require complete dedication to the goal of creating a product able to withstand the test of time. Michels Utility Services and the Michels Family of Companies have the experience, personnel and equipment to deliver turnkey projects of all sizes in urban and rural environments. Our teams put safety and environmental protection first so our customers can be proud of and confident in their contribution to the energy industry. 

A welder connects two joints of gas distribution pipeline
An excavator and HDD rig work simultaneously on top of a snowy hilltop.

Did you know?

Michels Utility Services has more than 100 horizontal drill rigs in our fleet? Our small- and mid-sized rigs with up to 440K of pull force complete dig-free installations up to 4,000 feet in length and 30 inches in diameter. When projects require longer drills or larger diameters, we are seamlessly able to engage the Michels Trenchless team 

Integrity & Upgrades

After a gas pipeline is put into operation, Michels Utility Services uses a variety of techniques to maintain its safety and reliability and to make improvements so it can meet changing needs for years to come As a partner in our industry, we work with customers to develop preventive and mitigative steps rather than react after an issue is detected. 

Several crew members work under the 10th Ave bridge in Minnesota.
Michels Utility Services crew inspects newly installed natural gas pipelines under bridge in Minneapolis Minnesota
Man in rural field stands next to utility excavator.
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