Several workers operate on two pipelines under the 10th Ave bridge in Minnesota.

Special Projects & Support Services

Michels Utility Services, Inc. provides support services to customers in need of a reputable contractor with a dedicated and experienced team. We invite you to explore our services and our capabilities to assist with customer’s special project needs.

A utility plow installs cable near a roadside.

Project Management

Our project management team uses our robust internal resources and extensive construction experience to manage all facets of complex gas projects, allowing our customers to focus on other responsibilities. Whether we are self-performing work or collaborating with subcontractors, we provide one convenient point of contact for frequent, cohesive communication.  

Several small excavators and crew members operate in a busy downtown jobsite.

Facility Construction

Precise control of the volume, quality and pressure of natural gas allows its safe movement. Michels Utility Services and the Michels Family of Companies build and maintain regulator stations to reduce and monitor pressure and meter stations to monitor the volume and composition, ensuring safety along the way. Our services include pre-fabrication in controlled environments, field fabrication when needed, and installation of values and underground vaults. We support transmission projects with gas compressor stations and energy transition and renewables projects with sites focused on the development of RNG and hydrogen stations. 

Blanket Contracts

Blanket contracts provide the assurance that new construction, maintenance, upgrades, outage restoration and emergency repairs will be performed by trusted crews familiar with your values, properties and expectations. Often performing under multi-year contracts, we provide dedicated crews and equipment to focus on your system. 

A crew member operates a small HDD rig near a roadside.
A red Michels pickup truck sits near the 10th Ave bridge in Minnesota.

Ready when needed

Even the most well-built and maintained systems encounter unexpected events. Michels Utility Services crews proceed with confidence and caution fostered by more than six decades of gas pipeline experience.  

A crew member walks near a grassy roadside project.

Environmental Oversight & Site Restoration

Our commitment to minimizing a project’s environmental impact starts before any ground is turned over and ends when the site is restored to before-construction or better condition. Supported by our environmental support professionals, our teams implement processes and mitigation measures required by plans and permits.  

A man working behind a computer screen.

GIS & Technology

Accurate location-based data can substantially increase the speed and efficiency of our projects from start to finish. We use GIS technology to create, map and store digital records for as-built drawings, the exact locations of specific equipment, and all project installations. Our field and office staff have a fully digital single source for all project controls and project execution data and information. This data can be delivered to internal and external teams for reporting and communication of project status. 

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