September 16, 2019

Alert crew aids stranded dirt bike rider

Four Michels crew members stand together

During a pipeline construction project under Rattlesnake Coulee in Billings, MT, a fatigued, dehydrated motorcyclist approached the crew. He had been riding on the 1,440 acres of trails through hills and coulees (deep ravines) used by the Billings Motorcycle Club. The rider climbed out of the steep coulee where his dirt bike remained stuck about 100 feet below. With the temperature around 100 degrees, he was in danger of major heat-related illness.

The crew got him to shade and provided water. The rider rested for the next hour while Michels crew members monitored him. When the rider felt better, the crew helped him locate his bike, cut it out of the trees, and winched it up to the drill landing.

The rider re-joined his riding group, which was searching for him. He was very thankful and vowed never to ride again without water and a radio.

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