November 23, 2022

Michels celebrates 25-year anniversaries

Employees who have been with the company for 25 years join with the Michels family for a celebratory dinner

On a long weekend focused on giving thanks, we are honored to celebrate our dedicated colleagues who have reached their 25th anniversary with the Michels Family of Companies. These dedicated people have witnessed and contributed to many dramatic changes at Michels and in the industries we serve, while continuing to uphold the vision and values that have guided us for decades.

Congratulations to: Tony Bukowski, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Steve Cooper, Michels Construction, Inc; Tom Ellias, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Larry Essman, Michels Corpora­tion; Ron Johnson, Michels Corporation; Steve Kannenberg, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Chris Kehrmeyer, Michels Power, Inc., Dan Leitner, Michels Power, Inc.; Jeff Leitner, Michels Power, Inc.; James Marx, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Leo Meeks, Michels Power, Inc.; Tim Michels, Michels Corporation; Dewey Millard, Michels Construction, Inc.; Ben Nelson, Michels Pacific Energy, Inc.; Scott Odell, Michels Trenchless, Inc.; David Pattee, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Rick Pattee, Michels Corporation; Jason Schmidt, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Jeff Scholl, J.D. Hair; Ervin Shurpit, Michels Pipeline, Inc.; Russ Shurpit, Michels Pipeline, Inc,; Jodi Sippel, Michels Corporation; Ron Smisek, Michels Trenchless, Inc.; Sean Steeno, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; Joseph Stoffel, Michels Corporation; and Laurie Vander Velden, Michels Road & Stone, Inc.; and Gerry Warren, Michels Corporation.

The honorees were recognized by members of the Michels family and senior leaders during a reception in Fond du Lac.

Congratulations and thank you!

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