August 14, 2018

Michels launches compelling Mi Promise video

Man standing for a picture in front of an excavator.

By definition, a promise is a declaration that you will do something. More importantly, it’s something you give your word to do.

At Michels, our fundamental promise is we will work safely and return to our loved ones at the end of each day. It is the theme of our ongoing, multifaceted Mi-Promise safety campaign.

Michels is proud to launch the Mi-Promise safety video to reinforce the message of our award-winning 2014 Promise Me video. Promise Me featured family members asking our people to make safety a top priority. Mi-Promise features our people making candid, compelling promises to work safely.

“These videos get to the heart of why safety is so important to Michels,” said Sean Nicholson, Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment. “All that really matters is for everyone to make it home each day. We hope this emotional video compels everyone at Michels and in our industry to consider what is at stake and use their Stop Work Promise.”

Click here to view the Mi-Promise video. As you watch it, consider reasons why you promise to prioritize safety.

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