January 10, 2023

Michels transportation fleet among state’s cleanest

Michels is committed to operating a safe, efficient transportation fleet while maintaining focus on improving air quality. We are proud to be named a 2022 Forward Fleet Award winner by Wisconsin Clean Cities.

“Sustainability initiatives are woven into all facets of the Michels Family of Companies, including our transportation fleet,” said Pat Michels, President and CEO. “As this recognition confirms, our combination of deliberate actions can have a positive effect on the environment. We will build on our efforts to reduce unnecessary engine idling and continue to add more Tier 4, hybrid and EV engines to our fleet, and explore other ways to enact our commitment.” 

The Forward Fleet Award is based on the amount of petroleum displaced through the use of clean fuels and sustainable transportation technologies. Michels placed second on the list. Winners were selected from among Wisconsin Clean Cities stakeholders who submitted annual survey reports, which detail their efforts over the previous year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and displace petroleum.

“It’s rewarding to see Wisconsin Clean Cities members demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through the use of clean transportation fuels, advanced vehicle technologies and energy-saving strategies.” Wisconsin Clean Cities Executive Director Lorrie Lisek said. “We applaud their efforts as they support local jobs and our economy, while providing improved air quality and increased use of domestic energy resources.”

Established in 1994, Wisconsin Clean Cities is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s more than 75 Clean Cities coalitions.

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