July 18, 2018

“My VIP & Me” activity book focuses on safety

MY VIP & Me Booklet
Sean Nicholson giving a speech

As we continue to develop our safety culture, we are always finding ways to make sure our people and their families are fully engaged. Our work and HSE initiatives can be complicated—something that’s hard to explain to people outside our industry.

Woman and several children sitting at a table

That’s why Michels turned to our people to create the My VIP & Me activity book. Part of our ongoing Mi-Promise safety campaign, My VIP & Me is a fun, easy way to introduce our families to what we do every day. We want our VIPs to understand how serious we are about safety and why it is so important to us.

The activity book is distributed at the My VIP & Me Safety Celebrations. It is given to all our people to help open discussions between adults and children about what we do, and what steps each person and Michels takes to maintain everyone’s safety.

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