January 20, 2020

New conference room bears the name of Michels legend Jerry Eilbes

Pat Michels and Jerry Eilbes ribbon cutting to a new conference room.

Conference room named after Jerry Eilbes

How do you honor someone who has spent most of his life working outdoors? Name a conference room after him! When deciding what to call a new conference room in the recently expanded Brownsville yard entrance building, the Michels family looked no further than Dale Michels’ first employee, Jerry Eilbes.

If you want to know what dedication, loyalty, and hard work looks like, Jerry is your guy. He quickly accepted Dale’s offer to join the company as soon as it was formed and continues to do special projects to this day.

But it’s more than longevity that has cemented Jerry’s stature as a Michels legend. He kept Michels running when Dale was injured on the job in the company’s infancy. He spent his days on the jobsite and evenings at the hospital, updating Dale and developing plans for the next day’s work. Thank you, Jerry, for personifying our core values!

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