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Storms are unpredictable, but Michels' emergency response team is completely reliable. Our crews and equipment are ready to be deployed whenever and wherever needed to restore power for our customers.

Whether the damage is caused by storms, natural disasters or other emergencies, our brave crews will work systematically and safety to get the job done right and with respect to those whose live are upended. We aren't looking for headlines, just the satisfaction of knowing that our customers take comfort in the knowledge that we won't leave until the last light is back on.

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Michels worked from barges to drill shafts to 60 inches in diameter and 17 to 22 feet deep while rebuilding a transmission line toppled by Hurricane Irma.

Emergency Response

Line 4 Rebuild


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Line 4 Rebuild

Quality means doing it right
when no one is looking.

Henry Ford

We do that.

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