Gas Distribution

Creekside Estates Subdivision

Creekside Estates Subdivision


A new 20-acre subdivision in north east Wisconsin needed a trusted energy and infrastructure contractor to install natural gas pipe as well as electrical and communication lines as part of a joint trench project. Michels Power, Inc., one of North America's largest pipeline construction companies, used a variety of methods to exceed the customer's expectations.

For the gas pipeline installation, crews used open-cut construction to install 3,500 feet of gas pipe. For the electric and communication lines, crews also used open-cut construction to install 9,500 feet of electric and communication lines, 12 power transformers and 71 communication pedestals inside the subdivision. Our gas distribution contractors also used a plow attachment to install 3,000 feet of 2-inch polyethylene (PE) pipe to get a supply of natural gas into the subdivision.

Because the ground was very wet in some areas where plowing was done, the crew followed a wetland permit issued to the We-Energies environmental group. As the gas pipeline installation company that continuously demonstrates dedication and innovation, Michels Power designed and fabricated a plow blade to allow installation of the 2- inch PE pipe.

  • Pipe plowing with custom-made plow

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