Signal, Communication, & Power Cable Installation

Lackawanna Transmission Line

Lackawanna Transmission Line


Michels built 3.8 miles of 230kV triple-bundle transmission line to connect the Lackawanna substation to a new substation. Each pole contained three strands of conductor and two fiber optic cables. Construction consisted of 3.1 miles of rebuilt line and 0.7 miles of new line. Michels also built 37 concrete drilled shafts and erected steel monopoles that averaged 165 feet high. The shafts were 38 feet deep and 8 to 14 feet wide. Nine structures were built on a hill with a 10 degree slope and there was a 696-foot elevation change from top to bottom over a distance of about 4,130 feet.


Michels is part of an integrated joint venture, responsible for the executive management, areas of field supervision, and heading engineer positions on the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority's Northgate Link Extension Project.

Electrical Installation

North Gate Extension Light Rail N125


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North Gate Extension Light Rail N125

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