North Gate Extension Light Rail N125

North Gate Extension Light Rail N125


Michels is part of an integrated joint venture on the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority's Northgate Link Extension Project. The Extension connects three of Seattle's northern neighborhoods to downtown via three new Light Rail Transit stations, and new twin tunnels (northbound and southbound). Michels' work included the excavation and construction two 19 foot diameter tunnels for a length of 9,504 feet each. Twenty-three cross passages connected the tunnels along their alignments. Permanent electrical and mechanical installations were put into place throughout the length of the tunnels. The shafts and access portal were designed to be converted into finished Light Rail Transit stations upon completion of the tunnels.


Michels built 3.8 miles of 230kV triple-bundle transmission line to connect the Lackawanna substation to a new substation.

Electrical Installation

Lackawanna Transmission Line


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Lackawanna Transmission Line

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