Spur Pipeline

Spur Pipeline


Michels used the Direct Pipe® method to install 1,200 feet of a 42-inch casing pipe on the Total 30-Inch Spur Pipeline. The installation crossed under a busy highway and rail tracks, which made it ideal for a Direct Pipe® project. The Direct Pipe® method was selected because it satisfied several challenges, including numerous subsurface utilities and the shallow cover that was originally suggested across the wetland section of the pipeline alignment. Additionally, Kansas City Southern Railroad required a casing to be installed under the tracks along a portion of the alignment. Direct Pipe® also provided an added advantage of dramatically reducing the original proposed schedule. The project was completed in less than two weeks of around-the-clock drilling. The project had originally been designed for a combination of open-trench pipeline construction and auger bore crossings. Michels was called in to suggest trenchless options and ultimately selected Direct Pipe®. The pipeline contractor and owner agreed that Direct Pipe® would mitigate many of the risks involved with the crossing. Limited space at the site meant 80-foot sections of pipe needed to be welded during installation instead of one continuous string, which is traditionally done with Direct Pipe®. Project crossed more than 10 hotlines. Started with a surface launch and ended with an 8-foot retrieval pit. Pipe depth maxed out at 45 feet.

  • Michels used direct pipe to install a 48-inch gas pipe under the Rio Grande River.

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