Power Foundations

Sub 31 to 39 H-Frame Repair

Sub 31 to 39 H-Frame Repair


Michels performed an emergency repair after straight line winds passed through East Moline, IL and broke five H-frames.

Access was difficult as the structures were located in a flooded farm field, which often floods due to its close proximity to a river. Crews utilized a little over a mile of matting in order to mobilize their equipment to access and repair the frames. To complete the repair as efficiently as possible, Michels built the H-frames on the ground while the matting was being installed, and then rigged a pole trailer to haul the frames into the flooded site.

The crew used extra arms, strapped them to the pole trailer and then loaded the H-frames onto the trailer. A dozer was then used to pull the frames onto the work site to be installed.


Michels worked from barges to drill shafts to 60 inches in diameter and 17 to 22 feet deep while rebuilding a transmission line toppled by Hurricane Irma.

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