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Inflow/Infiltration (I/I)
Michels' holistic approach to eliminating water I/I addresses all four points of possible entry: manholes, mainlines, laterals and lateral connections. Michels' certified experts use reliable solutions to stop I/I at every entry point rather than addressing only one area and allowing water to re-enter your system at the nearest opportunity.

Chemical Grouting
Michels uses chemical grouting on its own or in conjunction with other pipe rehabilitation methods to seal mainline joints, mainline lateral connections, manholes and lateral joints. A time-tested trenchless technology, chemical grouting is a cost-effective, long-lasting way to stop leaks and repair joints.

Manholes Rehabilitating
Manholes Rehabilitating an aging manhole is more convenient and less expensive than replacing it. Michels is experienced at using cementitious and epoxy products specifically designed to trenchlessly rebuild and protect structures against deterioration caused by hydrogen sulfide, calcium magnesium salts and other destructive agents. Michels works with customers to determine precisely which method and product will most effectively meet long-term goals.

Don't wait until a culvert fails to tend to it. Michels offers quick, safe and economical options for restoring the structural integrity and increasing the flow capacity of deteriorating culverts under instates, highways, roads and rail beds. We install and cure our trenchless methods with no minimal or no traffic disruptions and open cuts. Our methods are suitable for culverts of all sizes, shapes and lengths.

Bypass Pumping
Michels installs and operates temporary systems to route storm and sanitary sewer water around sections of pipe that are under construction. The reliable systems provide uninterrupted services to the residents and businesses that depend on them. Michels has the experience and specialized equipment, including a variety of pumps, to deliver bypass pumping services for large and small projects.

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Michels performed a CIPP lining project for the Metropolitan Council in Minnesota. The project included the rehabilitation of 3,850 LF of 96" pipe, 144 LF of 72" pipe, and reconstruction of manholes.

Inflow/Infiltration-Grouting-Manholes-Bypass Pumping

North Area Interceptor Phase 9


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North Area Interceptor Phase 9

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