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Michels is a go-to contractor for the most challenging tunneling projects in locations that range from the largest metropolises to remote regions, on land and under water. Michels has experience in a variety of tunneling techniques, including Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), hard rock TBMs, conventional drill blast tunneling, sequential excavation methods (SEM), and remote-controlled tunneling systems. Michels sets the bar for rapid performance, environmental protection and safety when constructing tunnels for pipelines, water mains, and storm and sanitary sewer. Our comprehensive pre-planning process includes working with our customers to develop methods for building safe, reliable tunnels - including the first tunnel ever built under San Francisco Bay.


Michels was part of a joint adventure that constructed a 5-mile long, 15-foot diameter tunnel under San Francisco Bay.


Bay Tunnel


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Bay Tunnel

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