Chemical Grouting

Cost-effectively stop leaks with this long-lasting method

Pipe stabilization and the elimination of infiltration are achieved by installing of chemical grout to the exterior of structures and pipes by the means of a trenchless pipe lining technology. Chemical grouting is a non-structural repair used for underground sewer pipe relining of mains, service laterals and for utility manhole rehabilitation. When used in conjunction with other pipe rehabilitation methods, it reduces inflow and infiltration rather than relocating it.

Once a leak or defect has been identified, we use a remotely controlled inflatable packer to isolate the problem area, perform an air test to determine the extent of the defect, and then inject chemical grouting, creating an impermeable seal and stabilizing the surrounding soil.


Michels performed a pipe rehabilitation repair of a sewer main that had ruptured in multiple locations.

Chemical Grouting

River Ave Force Main Rehabilitation


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River Ave Force Main Rehabilitation

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