CCTV & Cleaning

Cleaning and recording enhance sewer maintenance

Our fleet of wastewater recycling sewer cleaning trucks pressure wash pipes to prepare for inspection and rehabilitation processes. By reusing the water used to remove debris, this advanced equipment reduces environmental impact and treatment plant costs. If circumstances require it, we can also use drag cleaning methods.

Our live, digital CCTV cameras are equipped with highly sensitive, multi-sensitive sonde locating devices that allow us to inspect and locate sewers from above ground. Combining this capability with highly accurate GIS systems, we can create spatial maps that can be uploaded into any system. Our trucks are also outfitted with lateral launching cameras that allow for inspections without disturbing residents.

Recorded video inspections can document pre- and post-work conditions.


Michels performed a pipe rehabilitation repair of a sewer main that had ruptured in multiple locations.

CCTV & Cleaning

River Ave Force Main Rehabilitation


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River Ave Force Main Rehabilitation

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